Influncers + Chatbots = Engagement Magic

H2O Accelerates Influencer Brands with AI-Powered Chatbots.  

Each influencer has a powerful, compelling story - it just needs great storytellers & AI-powered Chatbots to reach personalization at scale and bring it to life!


Creative Studio

Our creatives will guide you from setting goals, to defining the right voice and personality. We ensure your chatbot speaks in your voice and creates an authentic experience.


Analytics & AngelScore™

We provide actionable insights with lean analytics loop to maximize performance. We help you iterate and customize the experiences based on fans' behaviour.


Intelligent Distribution

We run 5 niche "chatbot games" with 1.5 million MAU to funnel these users to discovering your "influencer chatbot”. We also partner with a number of global brands hiring brand ambassadors.

"I'm obsessed with AI + Social Media. Time is the most valuable thing. AI is built on the thesis of saving us time. When you crack AI  without losing its human element - that's where the magic upside is."

Gary Vaynerchuk - CEO @ VaynerMedia